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Protect your assets and human capital 





Navarro Consultores knows the importance you give to human capital. That's why we offer our insurance management service.

  • Life insurance

  • Car insurance

  • health insurance

  • Accidents

  • Property


The main benefits are:

cServices coordinator in your facilities which allows us to provide Timely advice on doubts or procedures presented to employees and human resources personnel.

Management Service: delivery of new policies and credentials to employees at each renewal.

Training Days where we present the product and train employees on the proper use of health insurance.

Health fair:Staff periodically check the glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure levels of employees and their families.

Nutritionist visits the company every time there is a Health Fair.

Discount on Medical Consultations within the doctor network.

Medical check for managers and key personnel.


Agreements between hospitals and clinicsto provide better service and cost to policyholders.

Oficina moderna

Protect the heart of your company with our insurance designed to face business challenges with 37 years of experience at your service.

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