Navarro Consultores knows about the importance you give to human capital. That is why we offer our service of management for your insurance.

  • Life Insurance
  • Car Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Accidents
  • Property

The main benefits are:

Service Coordinator on your premises which allows us to provide timely advice concerning the doubts or procedure as they occur to employees and to the human resources staff.

Management Service: delivery of new policies and credentials to employees during each renewal.

Training Conferences where we present the product and train employees on the proper use of health insurance.

Health Fair: staff periodically reviews the level of glucose, cholesterol , and blood pressure of employees and their families.

Nutritionist visits the company whenever there is a Health Fair.

Discount on Medical Consultations within the doctors network.

Medical Check Up for managers and key personal.

Hospital & Clinic Agreements to provide better service and cost to policyholders.


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